How Much Do I Feed?

Making up to 70% of operating cost, your feeding strategy can determine the viability of your farm.

Underfeeding livestock impedes growth while overfeeding harms the water quality and your wallet.


Adopt this simple 4-Step feeding strategy recommended by researchers.

Understand Their Palate


Carnivorous fish demands more protein than their Omnivorous & Herbivorous counterparts


& Size


Growing juveniles are required to be fed a higher protein diet and more frequently than adults

Determine the Feed Size


The optimum feed size should be 25-50% of fish's mouth

Rationing & Frequency


Fish can only consume 1-2% of their body weight at a time

Feed Calculator

Add a 20% mortality rate?

Total Livestock Weight

Recommended Feeding rate

Monthly aquafeed required

Wermeal™ Aqua required

Feeding Chart

*Our Feeding Chart only serves as a guide and adjustments may be made according to the specific conditions of your farm.