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Our Novel Feed Story

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We Heard Your Concerns and We're Here to Help!


To support farmers, we centralised the fragmented agri-feed supply chain by keeping production, manufacturing and distribution in-house. With technological know-how, proprietary technology and processes, we work closely with industry experts to innovate cost-effective feed of uncompromised quality.

Recognising the environmental damage caused by fishmeal production, our designed process leaves a minimal carbon footprint with all products sustainably manufactured. Our corporate DNA is to build a circular economy with sustainable resources and we begin our journey every morning at wholesale centres.

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Our Value Chain
Wholesale Centres

We collect pre-consumer waste discarded from cosmetic filtering back to our facility for upcycling.

Traditional Supply Chain

Raw materials are supplied to feed manufacturers where fluctuations in the raw material market have a high degree of influence on the price of feed.


We utilise IoT to monitor and control our highly automated facility 24/7. Saving us time to innovate and serve you better.

Traditional Supply Chain

Fisheries obtain feed through importers/distributors where there is limited

variety. This leads to the use of improper aquafeed, incurred intermediary costs and suboptimal livestock growth performance.


Our strategical location allows us to provide JiT solutions to our farmers. Enabling them to get their hands on freshly manufactured feed in the desired quantity at their convenience.

Traditional Supply Chain

With a short shelf life of 90 days, farmers without the economy of scale or storage space are presented with logistical challenges.