Commercial chicken feed by Charoen Pokphand.


Chick Grower Feed (>20 days)


  • Carries an excellent amino acid balance and high-quality raw materials.
  • Contains highly effective coccidiostat.
  • Encourages high and continuous feed intake.
  • Consistent growth and promotes faster development.


Technical Information:
Moisture - 13% max
Crude Protein - 22% min
Crude Fat - 4% min
Crude Fiber - 6% max
Ash - 6% max


Ingredients: Corn, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, distiller dried grain, broken rice, rice bran, wheat grain, wheat pollard, canola meal, palm kernel cake, full fat soybean meal, fish meal, meat and bone meal, crude palm oil, limestone, dicalcium-phosphate.


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Commercial Chicken Feed